There's Always Something Wonderful Here at Saint James Place!


1) Does Saint James Place Help with the Planning of Our Wedding?

We are thrilled to help with your wedding: we work with you closely every step of the way. We will welcome your wedding planner but our wedding expert, Laura Gratz, will also personally contact you and keep track of all of your details. Laura can help coordinate all of the ins and outs of Saint James Place. She will be there for your rehearsal and with you every minute of your big day. We believe this level of service helps ensure a wonderful, stress-free event for all.


2) What Kind of Religious Services are allowed at Saint James Place?

Any and all religions and traditions are welcomed at Saint James Place, which is no longer a consecrated Episcopal Church. We are an inclusive space.


3) Can you help with wedding guests who need extra attention and handicapped access?

Yes, absolutely! We have designated handicapped parking for those who might need extra help, and the entire building is accessible. For younger guests we are lucky to have an award-winning playground adjacent to Saint James Place. It’s a great place for the little ones to run around (with supervision).


4) Do you allow only certain vendors?

We have special relationships with many caterers , florists, photographers and other vendors here at Saint James Place (click here for our list of preferred vendors). However, we are happy to work with the people you choose.


5) Is there enough parking?

Saint James Place maintains close relationships with our neighbors in Great Barrington. We are able to use many adjacent parking lots, if the size of your guest list is greater than the number of our parking spaces.

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