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Rhinos in Great Barrington? 3 Questions (and Answers)!

Rhinos in Great Barrington? Rhinoceros by playwright Eugene Ionesco will be performed as a lively reading – free and open to the public – for one night only here at Saint James Place on Saturday, August 27 at 7:00pm in our East Room: seating limited to 85! Rhinoceros is a quasi-allegorical play in three acts: somewhat subversive and seemingly absurd. Thus this tag: It’s Absurd! Or is it?

Questions and Answers!

We asked producers Elizabeth Aspenlieder, Ken Cheeseman and Chris Noth 3 questions about this production. Mr. Noth responded…

Q. Rhinoceros was written by Eugene Ionesco and first performed in 1959. Why this production now?
A. Why not now? And also now more than ever – it’s absurd – or is it?

Q. How did you bring your wonderful cast together for this reading?
A. I’ve been wanting to do this play for a couple of years and since we are all part of a community up here, once Lizzy, Kenny and I got together we pooled our resources and came up with this wonderful cast.

Q. What excitement can we expect during this production?
A. If you listen closely to Ionesco – prepare for the recognition of Rhinoceros’s all around you.

This production is directed by Ken Cheeseman and Chris Noth. Featured performers are Elizabeth Aspenlieder, Kale Browne, Ken Cheeseman, Cloteal Horne, Walker Jones, Paula Langton, Chris Noth, and Rocco Sisto. This reading is free and open to the public. Just show up on Saturday, August 27 at 7pm at Saint James Place in our Great Hall, 352 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA. (Enter through the parking lot or the Parish Hall green doors.)