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2021 Wedding Trends in the Berkshires and Beyond

What 2021 Wedding Trends Will Make it to the Berkshires?

If you’ve been wondering what are the wedding trends for 2021…and what 2021 wedding trends in the Berkshires you’ll see a lot of, this post is for you. These ideas are tailored to the pandemic for the most part: we bet many will continue even when things get back to “normal.” Read through and tell us what you think.


Instead of a large wedding, many couples are going for a minimony or micro-wedding followed by a sequel wedding—for those who can’t give up the idea of a large wedding but know they have to wait for it.  How micro-weddings work: the couple get married now with an intimate and socially-distanced ceremony and (maybe) celebration and then plan the big wedding of their dreams—the sequel wedding—for after the pandemic.

Weekday weddings

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Weekday weddings started before 2020 but have accelerated now due to COVID. Since weddings are smaller, the bride and groom (or groom and groom or bride and bride) don’t have to worry about so many people’s schedules and they can opt for a weekday wedding: generally less expensive.

Individual Service for Celebrations

Here’s another trend that has accelerated because of COVID – individualized servings at receptions instead of buffets or wait service. Think bento boxes with hors d’oeuvres and individual charcuterie boards instead of large serving stations or passed appetizers. This accommodates social distancing requirements and not sharing food or utensils; no crowding around servers or stations.


There will continue to be interest in outdoor weddings and beautiful tents decorated with flowers and twinkling lights. Follow Mahaiwe Tent on Instagram and Facebook for lots of outdoor wedding and reception ideas.

Cozy Decor

Living room design at the venue—cozy throws, plush pillows and couches. Fun for under tents or in the great wide open with a beautiful vista.  Check out our preferred vendors for rentals. Also, check out Pinterest for all kinds of examples.

Mini-cakes or Single-tier Cakes

Dallas-based planner Ashley Mason of Saunter Weddings says it well. “A well-designed smaller cake can have a major wow factor. Whether it’s an intricate pattern inspired by the detail on your gown or vibrant flowers that play with your color palette. We’ve seen a trio of single tier cakes on display as another blossoming trend.”

More Brunch Weddings

Who doesn’t love brunch? Morning weddings can take advantage of light and the outdoors. They also tend to be less formal.

Coordinated Guest Attire

The shift to micro-weddings also allows for more control over the entire aesthetic, even as it pertains to guests. Some couples see guest attire as part of their decor. Would you direct your guests what to wear (other than formal, semi-formal or informal)? We’re definitely moving away from Emily Post etiquette on this one. But let’s be honest, traditions are there to break. Your wedding your way, we like to say.

Focus on Sustainability

Couples are repurposing decor, eliminating disposable goods, sourcing locally grown flowers, and composting leftover food. Some couples are going green from the very start with an heirloom or vintage engagement ring, a reset family stone or a ring that’s responsibly sourced. Sustainability is not new in the Berkshires: we’re known for keeping it local, farm to table, and accessing our natural surroundings.

Pre-made Artisanal Single-Serving Drinks

In addition to bottles of beer and splits of wine, high-quality artisanal mixed drinks in bottles or cans is a thing. Check out this Martha Stewart post on micro-weddings – including a slide on single-serve drinks.

A Different Kind of Wedding Registry

Many soon-to-be newlyweds are asking for cash or experiences not traditional wedding gifts. With so many couples getting married later in life (read the Martha Stewart article), they already have two of everything. They’re asking for a new home or a puppy, tickets to sporting events and tickets to Italy. Many couples also ask for donations in their name to a charity they support.

Want more trends? Here’s what The Knot is saying.

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