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We LOVE Great Barrington’s Rainbow Crosswalks for Three Reasons

Great Barrington Rainbow Sidewalk near Saint James Place
Wedding manager Laura Gratz with her daughters on Mother’s Day.

It’s been extremely quiet in the Southern Berkshires, like everywhere in the Northeast and across the United States. Not many people here in Great Barrington walking and none shopping on Main Street; few people going in and out of restaurants. This pandemic time has forced our bodies and minds inside. But on Wednesday, May 6th, there was some major buzz: the town repainted several crosswalks and it wasn’t a coat of white or yellow. Great Barrington now has rainbow crosswalks, and one is near Saint James Place, where Main Street meets Castle Street, by the town hall.

According to our local digital paper, The Berkshire Edge, town manager Mark Pruhenski said, “The idea was to recognize and celebrate diversity in our community…the colors symbolize hope in a time of uncertainty.” We love it.

Here are three reasons why we love the rainbow crosswalks:

  1. The Rainbow Crosswalks can symbolize the beauty of diversity. This is important to us here at Saint James Place. We welcome all couples. If you’re getting married in the Berkshires, Click here to learn more about Saint James Place Weddings.
  2. The Rainbow Crosswalks can symbolize hope. This time of COVID-19 has been devastating to many of us and confining and exhausting to the rest of us. We all want to see a beautiful rainbow after this rain.
  3. The Rainbow Crosswalks make for AMAZING photo opps! If you’re in Great Barrington, take a pic and post on Instagram #barringtonrainbow. If Saint James Place is in the background (like in our featured photo of wedding manager Laura Gratz with her daughters, Halina and Stella), please tag us @saintjamesplaceweddings.
Stay safe, everyone, and keep believing there’s somewhere over the rainbow.