Rules & Regulations

Saint James Place is a non-profit institution and its historical and architectural significance is unique to the community. The staff here is responsible for the protection of this historic facility; therefore the following rules and regulations are required.

-Renter will be held responsible for all actions of her caterer, florist, band, D.J., guests and anyone involved with the event.

– The staff of Saint James Place will not be responsible for setting up additional tables and chairs brought in by renter, moving tables or chairs during the event or taking the trash out.

-No furniture or equipment in the Sanctuary, Great Hall, Kitchen, or East Room may be moved without prior consent of the management.

-All electrical hookups for additional lighting must be approved by the management.

-Smoking is not permitted inside Saint James Place.

-No staples, nails, tacks, tape, or other items may be affixed to the floors, walls, windows, doors, or furniture.

-No artificial platforms and no carpentry work are allowed inside the building. Only approved risers may be used.

-Helium balloons, rice, birdseed, glitter, confetti, flower petals, etc. May not be used INSIDE the building.

-Bubble machines and smoke machines are not allowed INSIDE the building.

-Saint James Place reserves the right to refuse any items brought into the building by the renter or agents thereof which could cause damage to the building or injury to the guests.

-All functions are to end at the agreed time. Saint James Place reserves the right to insist that guests, caterers, florists, band members, etc. leave the building at the agreed time.

-Saint James Place will not assume the responsibility for any items left in the building.

-Saint James Place strives to be a pet-friendly space, please let us know in advance if your canine or other small companion will be part of the ceremony.

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