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How Will Weddings Look in 2022?

Almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic and we still have to adjust our lives to accommodate this altered reality. Socializing, traveling, eating out, shopping, movies, dropping the kids at school: all our habits and rituals have been transformed. And no ritual has been more affected than weddings. Even now, every detail of the wedding has to be planned with that sobering thought in mind. 

2022 Wedding Trends from Saint James Place

How will weddings look in 2022? The focus on safety will continue, of course, according to WeddingWire’s 2021 Report, but couples continue to find creative ways to adhere to safety protocols and still fulfill their wedding dreams.

Here’s what some expert wedding trend watchers tell us to look out for in the Berkshires and beyond. Getting married in the Berkshires or more specifically, getting married in Great Barrington? Read on!

Indoor-outdoor weddings

Think tents, patios, backyards, and barn settings that flow from the house—or venue—into a garden or backyard. The outdoor wedding trend started in late 2020, continued in 2021, and is still going strong entering 2022. According to WeddingWire, nearly 60 percent of 2021’s receptions were held either fully or partially outside.

Couples are taking advantage of all sorts of outdoor spaces, even those that aren’t seen as wedding venues, and are transforming them, sometimes from scratch, to create exactly their vision of the perfect venue. “You can transform any space with draping [and] fabric adds a whimsical, elegant vibe to any location,”  Ellen Burnosky, senior sales associate at Alpine Party Rentals, told (Saint James Place’s backyard space in the heart of Great Barrington is perfect for a large tent with easy access to our kitchen facility.)

Theme weddings

Since we’re not able to travel, we’re letting our imaginations run wild with the weddings we are planning at home. Jane Austen and Bridgerton-themed weddings, using the colors, styles, decor, and even food from those eras, are very popular. “The only cultural exposure any of us got last year was via Netflix,” said Annie Lee, principal event planner of Daughter of Design to “Who didn’t watch Bridgerton? Those were the only balls or parties we ‘attended.’ It’s only natural that all things British Regency and English countryside are influencing our design dreams of today.” Let us know in the comments if you’ve attended a Regency-themed wedding.

Destination U.S.A. Weddings

The lure of a destination wedding in the U.S. is a spectacular setting that guests can get to without having to navigate burdensome travel restrictions and possible quarantine in foreign countries. “People have been discovering beautiful private estates on American soil,” said Lee. “Examples include a natural, outdoor wedding held under giant Redwoods off the coast of Big Sur, California, or a Gatsby-worthy, Italian estate-inspired, gilded event in the Art Deco mansions of Long Island, New York.” Not to mention a glorious, tented classical affair, suffused with the history of Great Barrington and set amidst the grandeur of the Berkshire Mountains.

Reverse-Destination Weddings

Some are creating “destination” weddings wherever and however they can — in a backyard, on a beach, at a small restaurant. “In 2022, I think weddings will focus on escapism, with a ton of whimsical and romantic details…in lieu of a Positano wedding, they’re instead recreating that dreamy, lemon-filled celebration here,” Partier co-founder Danielle Tullo told

These events attempt to recreate the full sensory experience of a destination wedding through authentic, immersive, and tactile experiences. The idea is to “immerse your guests in menus, music, scents, blooms, and multisensory experiences of your favorite destination in the world—even if you’re actually at home,”’s Weddings and Travel Director, Carrie Goldberg, told


In 2021 we saw the rise in popularity of individual servings, like tiny charcuterie boards, mini wedding cakes, and other creative adaptations to COVID safety protocols. “Individual servings will remain a mainstay as 2022 weddings and events strive to serve guests safely,” explained event planner Amy Shey Jacobs to “But watch out for cool new spins on these catering touches: caviar tastings, sushi flights, enhanced serving trays with elegant cloches, branded lucite covers, dessert [platters] … servings for one will have style.”

Weekday Weddings

With a surge in demand for events, it may be difficult to find a weekend opening. Many couples have accepted that a Thursday wedding can be just as great as a Saturday event. “We are beginning to normalize weekday weddings. I’m seeing that some couples are finding great relief with having epic elopement images and spending substantially less,” says destination wedding photographer Stanley Babb, owner of Stanlo Photography.

Support for Local Businesses

Many couples are refining their entire wedding planning process to focus on ways they can promote and support local businesses, says As supporters of local Berkshire area food and drink producers, we couldn’t agree more, and we hope this trend continues to grow. 

Saint James Places has multiple options for wedding celebrations, including possibilities for indoor, outdoor, and combined weddings, all COVID safe. We can also connect you with local vendors to showcase the bounty of food and wine producers of the Berkshire Mountains area.

If you are planning a wedding, contact us to discuss what we can help you plan your perfect wedding.

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