Saint James Place is closed as of March 17th and performances are cancelled through April 5th. The People's Pantry will remain open on Mondays and Thursdays. For information on Olga Dunn Classes or Berkshire Opera Festival auditions, please contact them directly. Contact us with questions. Stay healthy and safe.

Postponed: Jazz & Classics for Change: From Isolation to Inclusion

Postponed: Jazz & Classics for Change: From Isolation to Inclusion
Date(s) - 03/28/2020
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


This performance has been postponed until further notice. Please watch this space for new date information! 


ANAT COHEN: “Music gives us an immense opportunity for social inclusion. Through mu- sic we connect beyond words from one’s heart to another. I fell in love with the music of Brazil when I met fellow Brazilian students in College who invited me to play their music. I made my first trip to Brazil late 2000. I was an outsider, speaking a different language from a different country and culture yet the Brazilians made me feel at home, encouraging me to be myself, through music. Music has the power to bridge gaps, to eliminate borders and to unify. That’s why I play music and that’s, partly, why I fell in love with the music of Brazil.” Clarinetist Anat Cohen and 7-string guitarist Marcello Gonçalves team together in a series of intimate, lyrical duets based on groundbreaking compositions by Brazilian composer Moacir Santos. Breathtaking melodies, Brazilian grooves, and elements of jazz highlight the intricate talents of both Cohen and Goncalves on their Grammy Award-nominated album, Outra Coisa: The Music of Moacir Santos.

For more information on Jazz and Classics for Change, please visit their website HERE.