Crescendo: Concerto delle Donne – Consort of Ladies
Revolutionary Italian Vocal Music of the Late Renaissance

Saturday February 16 (Snow Date February 22)| 6:00 p.m. | PURCHASE TICKETS: HERE

In 1580 in Ferrara, Italy, an ensemble of professional female singers–probably the first one of their gender–became renowned for their technical and artistic virtuosity. This ensemble, the ‘Concerto delle Donne’, performed formal concerts for members of the inner circle of the Ferrara court and important visitors, and revolutionized the role of women in professional music.



Sopranos Catherine Hancock, Rebecca Palmer and Jennifer Tyo, accompanied and directed by Christine Gevert on the organ and harpsichord, will perform works by the Ferrara court composer, Luzzascho Luzzaschi, as well as early Italian Baroque arias and duets by Monteverdi, Barbara Strozzi and others.



Please note that this concert takes place in Great Hall, not the Sanctuary.

Close Encounters With Music Mid-Winter Fireside Concert
Haydn Seek
Humor in the Works of Papa Haydn

Saturday February 23 | 6:00 p.m. | PURCHASE TICKETS: HERE

A limited number of tickets will also be sold at the door starting at 5:00 p.m.

What constitutes a musical—or any other kind of—joke? Humor explodes our expectations and takes us by surprise. Three Haydn string quartets, including his “Joke” Quartet, provide an evening of ambiguous beginnings and fake-out endings; mismatched dialogues between instruments, misunderstandings, musical pratfalls and pretend memory lapses and digressions. What about those embarrassing long pauses, that daring modulation, that unexpected excursion into strange tonalities….? It’s all intentional and part of the fun! From the composer of the “Surprise” Symphony who wrote a cat’s meow into another comes a slightly tipsy “high” as well as “low” program of subversive humor. The audiences of Haydn’s day loved the kinds of things he put into his music, and so will you. Yehuda Hanani and colleagues will lead us through this night of musical comedy with their expert playing as well as comments. Call it a master class in musical humor. .

Hagai Shaham and Xiao-Dong Wang, violin; Dov Scheindlin, viola; Yehuda Hanani, cello

This concert is included in a season subscription purchase!
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Crescendo: The Mystical 16
The 1616 Settings of Psalm 116, and Contemporary Versions

Saturday April 6 | 6:00 p.m. | PURCHASE TICKETS: HERE

In the year 1616 Burckhard Grossmann, a merchant from Jena, Germany, after surviving a near death experience, in gratitude commissioned 16 composers from central Germany to write settings of Psalm 116. Among them were master composers of church music such as Heinrich Schütz, Christoph Demantius and Johann Hermann Schein. Our program will feature motets from this collection by these three composers, as well as Gregorian Chant, and works by Benedictus Ducis and Orlando di Lasso and J.S. Bach. Modern settings of the psalm by composers Jonny Priano and others will use contemporary poetry written for Crescendo by Bruce McEver, Frances Roth and Juliet Mattila. Three works have been commissioned for Crescendo, and will be premiered at this performance.


Performers are Crescendo Chorus, Vocal Ensemble and Soloists, with Period Instruments, directed by Christine Gevert.

Crescendo: Prince of Light and Prince of Darkness
Motets and Madrigals by Monteverdi & Gesualdo

Saturday May 18 | 6:00 p.m. | PURCHASE TICKETS: HERE

Claudio Monteverdi lived in a time of great change, as the vocal polyphony of the Renaissance gave way to the textures of the early Baroque. He harnessed both styles with great skill, sometimes contrasting them in the same work, and wrote successfully in every vocal genre. His contemporary Carlo Gesualdo’s vocal music is among the most experimental and expressive of the late Renaissance. One of the most obvious characteristics of his music is the extravagant text setting of words representing extremes of emotion. This program features sacred and secular motets and madrigals by the two composers.


Crescendo Vocal Ensemble is directed by Christine Gevert from the organ.